GEST est unn émulateur GameBoy /Color développé en C/C++ par TM. Les parties graphique et sonore sont basées sur VisualBoyAdvance.

-fixed graphics problems in:
*007 The World is Not Enough
*Ken Griffey Jrs’ Slugfest (U)[C][!]
*Legend of Zerd (J)
*MTV Sports – Pure Ride (U)[C][!]
*Prince Naseem Boxing [C][!]
*Puyo Wars (J)[C][!]
*Sa-Ga (Final Fantasy Legend)(J)
*Taxi 2 (F)[C][!]
*Tom & Jerry in Mouse Attacks! (U)[C][!]

-games that now work:
*Bugs Bunny – Crazy Castle 3 (J)[C][t2]
*Minesweeper for ‘Windows’ (Quang2000)(PD)[C]
*Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1 (Unl)
*SGB Pack
*Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2000 (U)[C][!]

-SQRXZ Color (V0.96)(PD)[C] works again
-SGB border redraw fix
-when in SGB mode and loaded rom to GB2 resulted in empty screen, fixed
-fixed the color palettes used when playing non-GBC games in GBC mode

Télécharger RockNESX (Win) 2.0F (463,6 Ko)

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