Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Neo Geo Pocket est disponible. Voici les nouveautées :

– Added preliminary support for timer emulation. This is used by the graphics hardware to create some horizontal effects, and the sound hardware to run the sound driver code.
– Fixed communication between the TLCS-900h (main cpu) and z80 (sound cpu!). No more hacks, proper emulation of the z80 has been re-enabled. NOTE: Some roms will crash the emulator due to bad z80 code execution that I can’t really do much about.
– Fixed bugs in the interrupt calling instruction ‘SWI’, and in the interrupt level register. EEPROM commands are still ignored as they cause games to freeze.
– Fixed another stupid bug in CPIR/CPDR, thanks Ivan!
– The state of the message filters in the debugger is now saved to the registry.
– Fixed a bug in the graphics code so zero width windows are supported.
– Removed the compatibility list. I don’t have time to keep this current, and it doesn’t make for very interesting reading.

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