R. Belmont a updaté sa page WIP :

M1: Added Model 3 « Dirt Devils », plus support for .lst files containing $default_volume settings for songs (the new BridgeM1 that Fujix just released also supports it). Plus some random internal cleanups.

MAME: Hooked up the trackball in Simpsons Bowling. The always fabulous Pete B. is donating his P.E.Op.S SPU code to MAME, so we’ll have sound soon too.

Others: I’m porting the Project Tempest Jaguar/JagCD emulator to Linux. The Visual Studio-only x86 assembly’s all been converted to a pure C equivalent, and the DirectX layers have been stripped off in favor of SDL. Now the actual port can begin. And in ZiNc news, we now have D3D, OpenGL, and software plugins for both platforms (well, no D3D on Linux) that draw Tekken properly thanks to smf’s reverse-engineering work in MAME.

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