Mame32 vient d’être mis à jour de façon à être en concordance avec u1.
Les améliorations et autres corrections sont les suivantes:

– Reworked handling of the BIOS option, now that there are multiple drivers that support different BIOSes [neogeo.c, stv.c] the global setting is not appropriate. Select the driver from the source folder view on the left pane and change its BIOS settings, this will alter it for all games in that driver. The functionality remains the same for altering individual games settings in all games view or anywhere else. [René Single]
– Added the ability to control the Mame32 GUI via mappable keyboard solutions. This feature is intended to compliment the GUI control via joystick option first offered in version .70 below. It is designed to allow users of Mame cabinets with keyboard encoders the same functionality and is controlled in the mame32ui.ini file [mapping the enter key to button 1 to launch a game for example], using the same syntax as the ctrlr files. [Jarek Burczynski / Chris Kirmse]
– Added support for the new core switches for lightgun modifications; reload to allow mapping reload to keys, and dual gun setups. [Chris Kirmse]
– Added accelerator key for folder level ‘mini-audits’, Alt-U [René Single / John IV].
– Added accelerator key support for scrolling up and down through history.dat text window. CTRL-Page Up / CTRL-Page Down. [René Single]
– Added toggle in Grouped view to allow clones missing a parent to display non-indented. [René Single]
– Added support for the core’s new save state loading on game start. [René Single]
– Added support for the core’s new keyboard LED choices, USB or PS/2. [René Single]

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