Un excellent manager de roms à l’instar de clrmame et Romcenter. Romulus est capable d’importer les dats de RomCenter et clrmame (ancien format et format xml), les fichiers offlinelist et Mess. Il gère les roms non compressées ou compressées en zip, rar ou 7z. Il supporte également le Torrentzip. Il peut également importer un dat à partir de l’exécutable de Mame, générer des rapports ou des statistiques…
Il dispose également d’un navigateur intégré, d’un localisateur de DATS, supporte les CHD de Mame…

Les changements:

– IMPROVED Speed at scanning when profile has big compressed sets with thousand of files inside folders.
– IMPROVED Compatibility importing softwarelist DATs.
– WRITED Native CHD header reader. No more CHDMAN binaries needed. Now CHDs detection is more fast.
– FIXED Extract to option of Scanner details list popupmenu.
– FIXED Popupmenu display when right click at Profiles treelist at a new node.
– FIXED Import DAT from MAME based EXE option.
– FIXED Lost displaying file extension when using generator in a not compressed files.
– FIXED Locked folders when search files inside for scan/rebuild process.
– FIXED Mousewheel function at lists when list is in a dissabled window.
– FIXED Duplicated files copying files from Scanner – copy selection popupmenu option. Thanks to ToniBC
– FIXED Some visuals.
– RECODED All updater search dats process. Now is more accurate.
– ADDED Description column to updater dats list.
– ADDED Autodownload dats option at updater dats list. Including batch download process. Thanks to RowlaxX for his incredible work.
– ADDED Tons of new dats groups like Connie, DatsSite, MAME, Dos Collections.
– ADDED Statusbar information if main form is on stay normal or stay on top mode.
– REMOVED Rawdump from Updater list. Seems Rawdump project is dead 🙁




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