Créé par Marat Fayzullin, voici un émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16kB/48kB/128kB et +2/+2A/+3.

– Fixed loading of Spectrum +3 disk images that use SpeedLock.
– Fixed uPD765 FDC status, as expected by SpeedLock boot loader.
– Disk-based Spectrum +3 software that uses SpeedLock tries booting now.
– Fixed WD1793 FDC status reporting, as expected by Sam Coupe.
– Disk-based Sam Coupe software works now.
– Fixed Sam Coupe memory page switching.
– Fixed Sam Coupe line coincidence interrupts.
– Added loading of Sam Coupe disk images.
– Added extra 256kB RAM to Sam Coupe.
– The [ALT] key acts as both FIRE and CONTROL in Sam Coupe mode.


Télécharger Speccy (Windows) v5.5 (409.1 Ko)

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