Un excellent émulateur Nintendo NES pour windows et linux.

– Added support for FreeBSD (thx to TCH68k for for the initial patch, his tests and his support).
– Overlay screen redesigned and rewritten.
– Added an option to rotate the screen.
– Added Nuke.YKT VRC7 patch dump.
– Added Brasilian translation (thx to Matheus on Crowdin).
– Updated translation from Crowdin (thx to Алексей Тимонин, MS-PC, tch_oscomp, Ömercan Kömür).
– Input management reorganized.
– Added homebrew « Neon Genesis Evangelion: Third Impact » and « Fire Hawk (PAL)[!].nes » to the database.
– Added traslation of Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 to the database.
– Added a shortcut to save a screenshot of unaltered NES screen (#90).
– Now you can also disable keyboard shortcuts.
– Fixed warning compilation with QT 5.15.
– Fixed compilation errors with the GCC -fno-common option (GCC 10).
– Fixed compilation with recent MSYS2.
– Fixed possible audio interruption (Windows).
– Fixed the support for the RAR archive.
– Fixed a possible crash when drag the window onto another monitor (Windows).
– Fixed many many many other bugs.

Un pack de shaders est disponible ici.

Télécharger puNES OpenGL (x86) v0.106 (10.6 Mo)

Télécharger puNES OpenGL (x64) v0.106 (12.7 Mo)

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x86) v0.106 (10.7 Mo)

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x64) v0.106 (12.9 Mo)

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