R. Belmont a posté quelques news concernant le développement de MAME & de M1 :

M1: Finished off the DSB-2 driver. Added a driver for UPL’s Mutant Night (by request of listmaster ZEK.), which also supports Ark Area. Investigating various reported bugs, although I think someone’s on drugs because 19xx #529 -> #533 all play fine for me with commandline m1 0.7.4 and 0.7.5a3 on Linux and Win32.

MAME: (Also M1): Looked into the pitch calculation for the Irem GA-20. I have something that works a lot better (R-Type Leo’s music all matches the OST now) but it’s still not perfect. I need PCB recordings from the test menu of a GA-20 based game (R-Type Leo would be great, but any MAME m92.c or m107.c game would probably work). Please private message me on one of the 3 boards I read (the bannister.org M1 board, the mame.net board, or the MAMEWorld boards) if you can do this.

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