Nouvelle pré-version de cet émulateur Spectrum 48K/128K pour windows (95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP).

In main window, View|Toolbar did not work
[-] Z80 load and save plugin fixed. Save did not work correctly at all (PC was written at place where SP should be stored, some bugs in compression algorithm implementation were found). Load fixed especially for case of loading 48K games in 128K mode.
[-] Bug fixed in Load Memory Block dialog (called from the Debugger): when [] button was pressed to find first difference, and blocks were identical, the emulator were getting caught in an endless loop.
[-] Some problems fixed with loading states having some dirty data in advanced fields (such as « tacts from the last int » in Z80).

Télécharger EmuPIA/EmuPIA7 (+LCD) (48,0 O)

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