Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Les améliorations:
– improved internal timing
– base sound synthesizer frequency increased to 48000 Hz
– added item Kempston mouse allowed into Preferences, by default active
– added item Default ZX128 into Preferences to activate ZXMode just on start of the emulator
– improved decode of #7FFD port in ZX-mode to increase compatibility
– added support of loading ROM from local bootstrap.rom file placed in emulator folder
– added support of TurboSound (NedoPC version)
– embedded GraalVM updated to 20.2.0
– improved Z80 emulation
– improved emulation of AY8910
– improved decoding of AY8910 port
– refactoring


Télécharger ZX Poly v2.1.3 (42.1 Mo)

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