Nouvelle version d’un des meilleurs plugin vidéo pour N64, qui change de nom au passage :

-Change project name from RiceDaedalus to RiceVideo
– Two new options:
Disable Alpha Blender
Force Depth Buffer
– Using new registry
– Turn on Software T&L and Software Clipper as default
– Problems fixed:
* Zelda: missing polygons, also for similar problems in other games
* GoldenEye: Flashing ground texture, vertical lines in 16 bits
* Waveracer: white sky, also for similar problems in other games
* Conker: Rare badge texture
* Mario64: star texture
* PD: reflection textures (not correct yet, but getting better)
– Further improves for the software vertex texture for extreme cases.

entre temps, une mise à jour pour corriger un bug :

A new file version 5.4.3b is uploaded to replace 5.4.3 to fix the very last minute bug of texture decompression.

Télécharger GBA Emulator (Francais) 0.10 (218,7 Ko)

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