Nouvelle version des builds WIP de FakeNES, un émulateur Nintendo 8 bits, compilé par Ipher. En voici les améliorations:

– Fixed references to ‘stainless’, added ‘KCat’ to assistants list.[stainlessKnight]
– Overhauled entire build system and cleaned-up source code tree structure. [stainlessKnight]
– Renamed ‘Surround Sound’ to ‘Spatial Stereo’ and fixed references accordingly. [stainlessKnight]
– Reworked Audio > Filter menu, added support for multiple audio filters. [stainlessKnight]
– Reworked Audio > Mixing > Channels menu. [stainlessKnight]
– Reworked Video > Colors menu. [stainlessKnight]
– Reworked Video > Filters menu and enabled scanlines filters in all color depths. [stainlessKnight]
– Rewrote and vastly improved ‘Linear Echo’ effect. [stainlessKnight]
– Rewrote ‘Surround Sound’ effect and added 2 new variants. [stainlessKnight]
– Scanlines filters toggled messages fix. [stainlessKnight]
– Subdivided Video > Resolution menu, added many new resolutions. [stainlessKnight]
– Swapped Machine and Options menus’ positions to improve configurability in low resolutions. [stainlessKnight]
– Updated ‘About’ dialog. [stainlessKnight]
– Updated copyright messages. [stainlessKnight]

Télécharger FakeNES (Dos) WIP 13/01/06 (177,0 Ko)

Télécharger FakesNES (Win) v0.59 Beta3 (845,9 Ko)

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