DBGL est une interface graphique en JAVA pour DOSBox, qui se base largement sur l’interface D-Fend. Elle gère plusieurs profils, plus de 1 000 si nécessaire, et il est possible d’en importer de D-Fend. Elle accepte plusieurs versions de DOSBox. Elle supporte les archives compressées au format 7z. Enfin, elle simplifie bien sûr le lancement de jeux sous DOS.

Les changements:

– Added a first implementation of ‘directory scanning for known games’. Currently, all files/games from the D-Fend Reloaded ‘Auto setup templates’ are recognized. You can try it out using ‘Profiles’->’Import known games in folder’ and selecting the directory to scan. After a while, it should show a dialog with the results. Simply select the entries that you want to import into the existing profiles list. Proceeding the wizard will allow you to select default DOSBox configuration settings (like machine, cycles etc) and optionally check the DBConfWS online database for game-specific configuration (when available).
– DBGL can now query MobyGames meta-data using a local database from ‘Metropolis Launcher’, very quickly. Note that cover-art and screenshots are still being fetched from www.mobygames.com, though.
– Added support for the DOSBox SVN OpenGL shader patch from ny00123 & jmarsh.
– You may now browse through the various captured images using the left and right arrow keys, or the buttons below the image.
– Various fixes related to MobyGames querying, especially in relation to (.gif) image data.
– Fixed « Start profile manually with a specific DOSBox version » creating an incomplete .conf file (_Rob).
– Fixed possible issues when using symbolic links on Linux (_Rob). Also fixed a rare file path mangling issue (Epsilon).
– A few usability improvements, refactored more parts of the GUI code, updated translations.
Updated all libraries, most importantly HSQLDB (from 1.8.1 to 2.5.0).


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