Guru vient d’updater son site, il nous annonce qu’il as recu énormement de nouveaux pcb:

received a lot of things over the last few weeks but have been very busy (mostly re-dumping things) so I didn’t update them here.
Thanks to Theo for donations of Speed Spin, Gigas Mark 3 and 9 Ball Shootout PCBs.
Thanks to Paul Sommers for a loan of his Taito Side Kicks PCB.
Thanks to Knuckle for donation of a Raiden II PCB.
Thanks to R. Belmont for a loan of his Violent Storm and Mystic Warriors PCBs and the donation of a non-working (and undumped) golf PCB running on SSV hardware (called ‘Eagle Shot Golf’ I think)
Lastly, H-U-G-E thanks to Mal McKay for a very nice loan of his wonderful STV cart collection including a main board and no less than 20 STV carts! Some much needed STV re-dumps coming soon!
I also fully dumped the Namco Super System 22 PCB that Pelle donated a while ago called Alpine Racer (containing a mega-pile of surface mounted ROMs and the first SS22 dump AFAIK), which has been confirmed a good dump and uses some hardware that is almost identical to Namco System 21……
I’m also looking for a Neo Geo Metal Slug cart. Anyone got one for sale cheap?

C’est donc une bonne nouvelle. =)

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