Créé par Marat Fayzullin, voici un émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16kB/48kB/128kB et +2/+2A/+3.

– Added proper Sam Coupe screen mode #3 display.
– Added handling of cases where .SAD disk image has .DSK extension.
– Added internal menu options for saving .SAD disk images.
– Added support for more raw disk image formats.
– Added simple CPU-based linear scaling algorithm.
– Added -linear command line option.
– Now disabling all trapdoor-based devices in Sam Coupe mode.
– Fixed reset when replacing disk image with LoadFile().
– Fixed auto-loading disk images in Spectrum +3 mode.
– Fixed palette updates when rewinding in Sam Coupe mode.
– Fixed light pen port, assuming no light pen for now.
– Fixed SAA1099 PSG sound.
– Added Speccy-Windows options for saving .SAD disk images.


Télécharger Speccy (Windows) v5.5 (409.1 Ko)

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