Un émulateur de GB/GBC/GameBoy Advance écrit en langage C par Jeffrey Pfau (endrift) et basé (sensiblement) sur GBA.js et qui a comme objectif d’être un émulateur de haute qualité. Disponible pour Windows (Vista et +), Linux, Mac OSX et bien d’autres systèmes.
Emulation fixes:
– GB Audio: Fix initial sweep state
– GB Audio: Fix deserializing audio channels 2 and 3
– GB Audio: Fix deserializing while audio was disabled (fixes #1305)
– GB Video: Fix drawing background when window is force-disabled by frontend
– GB, GBA Video: Copy disable flags when drawing scanlines in proxy when not blocking
– GBA Audio: Fix deserializing SOUNDCNT_L
– GBA Audio: Fix stereo in XQ audio
– GBA Audio: Fix volume/mute in XQ audio (fixes #1864)
– GBA Hardware: Fix GB Player detection on big endian platforms
– GBA Video: Invalidate map cache when modifying BGCNT (fixes #1846)
– GBA Video: Don’t draw sprites using unmapped VRAM in GL renderer (fixes #1865)
– GBA Video: Fix rare regression blending semitransparent sprites (fixes #1876)
– GBA Video: Do not affect OBJ pixel priority when writing OBJWIN (fixes #1890)
– GBA Video: Fix deferred blending when OBJWIN matches window (fixes #1905)
– GBA Video: Fix mode 4 transparency in OpenGL (fixes #1907)

Other fixes:
– 3DS: Redo video sync to be more precise
– 3DS: Fix crash with libctru 2.0 when exiting
– ARM Decoder: Fix decoding pre-indexed writeback instructions (fixes #1915)
– Core: Fix reported ROM size when a fixed buffer size is used
– Core: Fix memory leak loading ELF files
– GBA: Disable more checks when loading GS save with checks disabled (fixes #1851)
– GBA: Fix endianness issues in renderer proxy
– GBA Core: Fix memory leak when loading symbols
– GBA Serialize: Ensure program counter is aligned when loading
– Qt: Add dummy English translation file (fixes #1469)
– Qt: Fix Battle Chip view not displaying chips on some DPI settings
– Qt: Fix camera image being upside-down sometimes (fixes #829 again)
– Qt: Fix drawing on macOS break when using OpenGL (fixes #1899)
– Qt: Fix stride changing when toggling SGB borders (fixes #1898)
– Qt: Fix aliasing on background logo (fixes #1886)
– mGUI: Fix closing down a game if an exit is signalled
– mGUI: Fix cycling through config setting states with accept button
– mVL: Fix injecting accidentally draining non-injection buffer
– VFS: Fix directory node listing on some filesystems

– GBA Video: Improve speed of window texture generation on AMD
– Vita: Clear both buffers when loading a game


Télécharger mGBA (32 bits) v0.8.4 (11.2 Mo)

Télécharger mGBA (64 bits) v0.8.4 (12.0 Mo)

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