Voila la nouvelle version de WinUAE, quelques améliorations non prévue ont été apporté:

Bugs fixed:

– DirectDraw error when starting WinUAE 0.8.24 if display card supports multiple
heads and one or more head is disabled (also depends on display driver)
– crash when starting emulation if more than 2 mouse-like devices are detected
– floppy drive sound emulation volume level was not saved to config file
– floppy drive sample rate conversion was broken, sound quality was
very bad if selected sample rate was not 44100Hz.
– multimouse support under Windows XP
– bsdsocket emulation update, fixes CNet’s SMTPd
– uaescsi.device IDE ATAPI CDROM translation support, fixes PlayCD

New features:

– right border is not clipped anymore if program uses overscan
(Settlers, Pinball Illusions etc..)
– fixed display corruption in some older programs
(Mystic Tunes by Vertical, Bierkrug-tro by TEK, Forgotten Realms
Slideshow ’90 by Fraxion etc..)
– AVIOutput improved, much faster recording if any software filter
(null filter recommended) is enabled
– readme.txt updated. (custom drive sounds, how to use multimouse etc..)

Télécharger WinUAE (x86) v4.1.0 (6,0 Mo)

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