Un nouveau build de FPSE est disponible. Cette version est antérieur a la v 0.09 car elle est basé sur les sources de la v0.08. Mais elle ajoute quelques fixes. En fait le projet va devenir open sources, et s’appelé GPSE. Voici la traduction anglaise de la new posté sur le site officiel (en italien) :

Hi to all,

I think I should inform you about some recent and not so recent happenings.
For various reasons at the moment I am not able to write new code like before and I’ve go no time even to follow parallel activities like ports.
I’d like to thank all the nice developers which have joined us and I’d like to
encourage them to do their best.
Keep up the great work guys!
On the other hand I can’t give away the FPSe 0.09 sources if I’m not able to control the general structure of the project and the developings.
I’m sorry, that’s how things are now… and I can’t do anything about it.
Of course I’ve always liked the idea to see FPSe run on any kind of machine, both little endian and big endian. So, what’s lacking?
What’s needed it’s a set of good and portable plugins, that compiles on any platform.
The main problem, but not the only one, it’s little/big endianness and it’s not trivial.

Now I have to make some clarifications about « gpse ».
The thing started because it was pointed out that FPSE 0.08 sources where not available on the site.
That was true, so I agreed on making a copy of them avalable on an open source material site.
Then came out the issues of ports, beacuse for the interested people it’s easier to have everithing in one place.
This project it’s not meant to be a FPSE replacement, but it gets by its side while waiting for better times (for me in particular).
The project wants to be a starting point to develop plugin (or whatever they are called on other OSs). If other improvements are dome, ok, that’s even better.
But, as said before, I agreed on gpse not as a replacement of FPSE.
The version 0.08 it’s quite « malleable » (even if not as the 0.09) and should be considered as an open source alternative to make some tests.
This is what people asked me and what I agreed.

At the end it seems it’s been understood that I have closed the Windows version of FPSE but this doesn’t mean that other ports (the only one released is the AmigaPPC) shouldn’t have newer versions.
As long as they don’t interfere with my work, why shoul’d I forbid it?
For people interested we can talk about it around 2003.
In the meantime work should be put in the plugins, since the core can’t emulate the PSX on its own.

I wish good luck to all the developers that will help out and as a bonus I decided to release a modified version of fpse 0,08b1 called (with much fantasy) FPSE 0.08b2 [grab it on the site].
It can use the plugins of version 0.09 and has some bugs fixed.

Everething it’s ready to be renamed GPSE.

…and don’t say me I am not a good person.

The original post it’s in italian, because at the moment I have not time to switch my brain to english mode. I hope that eventual transaltions don’t change/add anything to my words.

Télécharger FPSE 0.08b3 (273.4 Ko)

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