STeem Engine (STE) est un très bon émulateur Atari ST sous Windows.

GROSSES MAJ de l’émulateur.

Emulation Bugs

Lots of timings improved.
DMA chip emulation improved (Double Dragon 2, Plutos).
Fixed FDC read address (Klax, Badlands, Chase HQ).
Fixed blitter byte bug (Kuovadis).
Added real FDC CRCs (thanks obo).
Fixed VBL interrupt bug (IDEN demo, B and W Dentro).
Added more hacks to fix IKBD reset problems (Hammerfist, Big Run).
Fixed ACIA write timing (A Grumbler in the Rutting Season).
Fixed blitting directly from cart (Fast BASIC).
Fixed pc high byte bug (Adebug).
Fixed disable drive B when changing hard drives bug.
Capped hard drive free bytes to 64Mb (Signum/KCS Omega).
Fixed holding down opposite joystick directions at the same time bug (Robocop II).
Fixed RS-232 CTS bug (Cyber Assult).
Added some IKBD delays (RipDis Demo menu, Art of Code, Imperium).
Fixed stupid steemupdate bug (won’t take effect until next release).

Other Bugs

Fixed fullscreen directory tree popup bug.
Fixed deactivate fullscreen in 640×400 crash.
DEBUG: Fixed break on IRQ->Trap.

New Features

XSTEEM: Fullscreen.
XSTEEM: PC Joysticks.
Integrated disk manager with MSA Converter v2 (not yet released)
Added support for pre-TOS ROM images.
DEBUG: Proper cycle accurate tracing, including visual gun position display.
DEBUG: FDC/DMA browser.
DEBUG: IKBD browser.

Télécharger STeem Engine 3.2 (608,6 Ko)

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