Gopher2600 est un émulateur d’Atari 2600. Bien que les performances ne soient pas aussi efficaces que certains autres émulateurs, il convient néanmoins pour jouer à des jeux sur un ordinateur raisonnablement moderne.


= Changes from v0.7.1 =
Better resizing of television frame
– Games like Tapper or Spike’s Peak look better

Frame limiter interacts better with texture renderer
– Fewer dropped frames meaning games that use flicker kernels
look more accurate
– Particularly effective for 60Hz monitors and NTSC

Nicer visual feedback on the rewind slider

– Toggle fullscreen (F11)
– Toggle fps indicator (F12)

Statsview module bumped v0.3.1
– Fixes problem of missing charts on Windows


= Changes from v0.7 =
Optional Statsview
– Requires appropriate binary along with the argument to use

Small performance improvements
– Less internal copying of memory
– Avoiding entering/exiting critical section too often

Framerate correctly set for PAL specifications

Regressions tests could fail if RandState/RandPins was set
– Regressions always use default non-random values

line terminal works

= Changes from v0.6 =

Rewind system.

More reliable static disassembly.

Cartridge mappers now provide their own symbols. For example, bank
switch hotspots will be named in the disassembly.

Fixed Atari Superchip (broken sometime between v0.5 and v0.6). Unused area
detection was also broken (this fixes Fatal Run, for example).

mnetwork (E7) was using monitoring wrong hotspot addresses to switch
in a 256byte RAM bank. This fixes Pitkat.

Refined CRT effects:
– shadow mask
– better scanlines
– gamma correction
– noisy output

CRT effects editable through GUI.

Audio output increased.

Improved frame limiter system.

Fixed PlusROM first installation prompt not appearing in debug mode


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