DSP est un émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum mais aussi Amstrad CPC, Arcade, NES, SMS, GameBoy, Coleco Vision, Chip8/Super Chip8… développé par Leniad Soft 2003. Il supporte les Spectrum 48K, Spectrum 128K et des jeux d’arcades comme Phoenix, BombJack ou encore Ghost’n’Goblins. Il s’agit d’un projet Open Source développé en Delphi+Lazarus+Free Pascal.

DSP Emulator 0.18b3 WIP:
-Gameboy/Gameboy Color review
+Fixed mapper MBC1
+Added MBC1 collection version (fixes ‘Bomberman Collection’, ‘Mortal Combat I&II’, ‘4 in 1 Vol II’, etc)
+Fixed mapper MBC2
+Added mapper MBC3
+Added partial MBC7
+Fixed cartridge load (fixes cartridges bigger than 4Mb)
+Fixed cartridge default start values (fixes ‘Dragon’s Lair – The Legend’ and many others)
+Fixed OAM DMA, dont add aditional CPU cycles and dont draw sprites if its running
+Fixed CGB DMA, change the counter values when running (fixes ‘Turok – Rage Wars’, ‘Aliens – Thanatos Encounter’ and many others)
+Fixed CBG DMA start/stop info and cancel option (fixes ‘Championship Motocross 2001’ and others)
+Fixed CGB sprite/BG priority (fixes graphis in ‘007 – The World is Not Enough’ intro)
+Fixed CBG sprite tranparency
+Added sprite draw order (fixes ‘Boy and His Blob, A – Rescue of Princess Blobette’)
+Added a basic serial IRQ (makes ‘Mortal Kombat’ run)
+Added STAT IRQ blocking (makes ‘Altered Space’, ‘Pinball Fantasies’, ‘Pinball Dreams’ and many others run)
+Fixed controls (fixes ‘Konami GB Collection Volume 1’)
+Fixed BIOS disable… Ouch! Never gets enabled again after boot!

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Télécharger DSP (x86) v0.19 (10/04/2021) (2.7 Mo)

Télécharger DSP (x64) v0.19 (10/04/2021) (3.4 Mo)

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