AIPC (Apple in PC) est un émulateur d’Apple //e écrit sous licence GPL.

Quelques caractéristiques:

– Emulates Apple //e enhanced computer
– Mockingboard and/or PHASOR card support
– Mouse Interface card support
– Disk II card with disk image (DSK, DO, PO, NIB, 2MG images supported)
– Mass storage (HDV, 2MG images supported)
– Joystick with NumPad or PC Joystick
– Various screen mode: Full screen, 2x mode, Scan line, Color/Mono/Green/Custom colors
– NTSC color approximation
– Save and restore running status


Les améliorations:

– added the ability to paste to keyboard from clipboard
– fixed bugs of cpu clock of some instructions
– improved checking clock timing for more accurate synchronization
– set interrupt from IRQB of second 6522 of phasor
– Page Select occuring 1 cycle delay
– added delay by 1 cycle to change video mode.
– fixed for 6522 issue (timing to generate IRQ)
– fixed to use num key pad as joystick when numlock is off
– swapped default position of speakers
– fixed a bug that the write protect of area 0xd000~0xffff is released by accessing WRITERAM softswitch once.
– supported the xinput gamepad.
– removed joystick selection in input setup dialog. Joystick is automatically detected.
– Modified the policy of detecting format from a file with an extension « dsk »


Télécharger AppleInPC v0.1.46.1 (1.1 Mo)

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