Il s’agit d’un émulateur Commodore 64 & 128 Scala.


– Added drives 10 and 11: 8 to 11 are the available disk drives. The old local (not true drive) 10 has been moved to 12.
– Removed drive’s progress bar to optimize GUI space
– New local filesystem mode: the user can attach a local directory to a disk (8 – 11). The files will be loaded into a virtual D64 (if there’s space for all) that will be written back to the source directory when closed.
– Added –prg-as-disk option: if checked every PRG file will be loaded as if it was a disk
– Added –fullscreen –vdc-fullscreen options
– Added –ignore-config-file option: if activated the emulator will not load any configuration file at start up.
– Added Single Frame Mode for VIC & VDC : when in Single Frame Mode the user can advance in the emulation frame by frame.
– Added cassette’s controls over cassette’s panel. Added forward & rewind controls.
– Added Reset (CTRL+ALT+R) command that restores the last PRG file
– Added Hard Reset
– Fixed LAX_I constant to 0xEE always
– Fixed handling of G64 disk: now it’s possible to write on empty tracks
– Fixed CRT Comal80
– Fixed ULTIMAX mode: writings to roms don’t affect underlying ram.
– Fixed testcart when screeshot is requested: must wait at least 1 frame. When IO is not active now testcart is disabled.
– Fixed CPU 6510: must set I on reset
– Added display effects: mirroring and flipping
– Added tape counter
– Improved tap handling: user can select in the preview panel which entry to run. Added tap counter on GUI
– Modified border handling: removed check on cycle 63 in checkVertical
– Added under various VIC menù the possibility to hide VIC’s borders
– VIC’s new colodor Palette
– Fixed SID’s mute setting: after reset mute setting is preserved
– Added support for NTSC
– New brand Assembler (inspired by KickAssembler) with breakpoints, macros, high level statements, etc. see
– Added EasyFlash support for flashing roms. Added EasyFlash jumper on GUI settings.
– Added ROM reloading to change rom content without restarting emulator.
– Added Settings panel on Help menu.
– Added Cart Info panel on Cartridge menu.
– Added new options for roms: –kernal, –charrom, –basic, etc.
– Changed process exit code when a bad line argument is encountered: from 1 to 100 (for testbench)

– Support for BeamRacer card (

– Fixed function rom handling: if rom’s size < 16K the mid rom is copied in the high rom. Now TurboAssembler128 works. - VDC: added on the VDC window the possibility to handle or not the automatic resolution adaptation of the monitor. Needed to run properly VDC-MCD demo ( - VDC: added handling of reg 27 > 0 to attributes processing in case of bitmap mode
– Fixed testcart: when IO is not active now testcart is disabled


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