Gopher2600 est un émulateur d’Atari 2600. Bien que les performances ne soient pas aussi efficaces que certains autres émulateurs, il convient néanmoins pour jouer à des jeux sur un ordinateur raisonnablement moderne.


ARM7TDMI support
– extended DPC+ to support ARM7TDMI
– added CDF format including CDFJ (but not CDFJ+)

fixed bug in ball sprite vertical delay (visible in Galagon)

improved performance of rewind system

improved paddle performance
– sensitivity corrected so deadzone is minimal for most ROMs
– elminated jitter

improved CRT effects
– now includes a basic phosphor effect
– improved chromatic aberration
– removed gamma options

mouse capture in debugger using ESC key
– removed double-click on screen feature
– UI button also available to capture

start/stop emulation with ` (backtick) key (debugger only)

additional playmode keys
– toggle full screen (F11)
– FPS indicator (F12)
– CRT preferences window (F10)

other improvements
– rewind system is faster
– less CPU overhead for idle debugger (only tested on Linux)
– television frame resizing is more correct


Télécharger Gopher2600 v0.8.2 (10.2 Mo)

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