Cet émulateur est également le plus complet des outils de développements X68000 existant aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’un fork de l’émulateur XM6 v2.05 de PI avec une pléthore de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Les changements sont pour la plupart liés à l’interface utilisateur et un accent a été mis sur le développement et les fonctions de débogage plutôt que sur l’exactitude de l’émulation, cependant il y a suffisamment d’améliorations pour qu’il soit recommandé d’utiliser cette version plutôt que XM6 v2.06 finale.

Les changements:
– The informational display shown in the title/caption bar is now configurable
through the View > Caption submenu. There are distinct options for windowed
and full-screen mode; the defaults now show less information in an attempt
to make things less distracting, particularly when in full-screen mode.
– In addition, the caption is now capable of displaying indicators, such as the
state of the keyboard LEDs. This is enabled by default but can be turned off.
– Be aware that the setting to turn off the informational display entirely will
be saved in state files, which is useful for games that abuse the keyboard LEDs.
– Added an option to omit updating the MRUs (history) when the program exits.
It can be found under the File menu. If you use it in conjunction with the
Clear History command, the program will start with blank MRUs every time.
You could also exploit this setting to make a set of MRU lists persistent,
so that commonly used disk images or state files are always present initially.
– The Clear History command now commits the history erasure to the configuration
file immediately; otherwise the erasure could end up being undone if the new
Save History setting is disabled.
– The no-wait VM/MPU options are now reset when the program is started unless
the new Resume Speed setting is enabled on the Resume page in the options.
– Shortcuts that access the menu bar now also work for most pop-up subwindows.
– Keyboard input is now (mostly) blocked after accelerator commands so one can
type accelerators as fast and sloppy as desired without sending extraneous
input to the VM.
– Implemented a better keyboard translation for the Plus key.
– Shift is now respected when selecting items from the media menu.
– Automatic MRU population will no longer take the top slot if a disk is in the
corresponding drive, unless said disk is believed to be in the wrong drive.
– Several items were moved from the Tools menu to more appropriate locations.
The most notable was the High Priority command, which is now in the File menu.
(You really should be using Alt-P for that one instead of the menu anyway.)
– All relevant SRAM settings are now respected in the Software Keyboard. WYSIWYG!

Bug fixes:
– Certain six-trigger Megadrive/Genesis scanning patterns were not working.
– The Unicode edition Software Keyboard displayed wrong on Japanese installations.
– Disconnecting the keyboard was not extinguishing its LEDs.
– The « default directory » (basically the program’s current directory) was not
always being set as one might expect on startup when using Resume settings.
– Disk reinsertion commands (e.g. Alt-I) were behaving unexpectedly in certain
circumstances due to automatic MRU population (see the change listed above).
– Shift-single-left-clicking a drive pane to move a multi-disk file to another
drive will no longer eject the source drive.
– Key translations were mistakenly active during Code Nyuuryoku mode.
– The setting to disable the informational display lacked an interface.
– Fixed a few bugs related to subwindows that were minimized / hidden.


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