Gopher2600 est un émulateur d’Atari 2600. Bien que les performances ne soient pas aussi efficaces que certains autres émulateurs, il convient néanmoins pour jouer à des jeux sur un ordinateur raisonnablement moderne.


Movie Cart support
– Files must end in .mvc
– File will be fingerprinted as it is streamed off disk and any errors sent to the log
– Demo files in the Movie Cart repository
Gamepad alterations
– Left thumbstick now controls the joystick and not the paddle
– Left/Right Triggers still control the paddle but will no longer auto-centre
– Playmode will now notify (with an icon) when a controller type has been switched
Bug Fixes
– Better centering of program counter in Disasm window coord selection
(ie. clicking on the debug screen)
– Superbank switching fixed
Windows Bug Fixes
– File paths that include the drive letter will now be recognised.
This will allow Gopher2600 to be used with Amiga Dev Studio on Windows


Télécharger Gopher2600 v0.10.1 (10.7 Mo)

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