Créé par Dietmar Klein, SidTools est un lecteur de sons/musiques dédié au composant SID ou MOS 6581 (commodore C64 et 128) mais également un frontend pour les émulateurs gérants ce même composant tel que VICE ou encore Hoxs64 par exemple.



– Much code cleanup & refactoring – Please report any bugs/errors you encounter
– Bugfix for uncommon folder names
– Bugfix when closing SidTool without having played anything
– Bugfix for folder containing spaces (Thanks Isildur)
– Bugfix always shuffling when clicking next in Playlist
– Bugfix for sidtool protocol
– Bugfix for preferred emu in options not being used
– Bugfix for search
– Sidfiles using 3 Chips (*_3SID) now fallback to VSID as Sidplay does not support these
– More file/folder checks to prevent ugly UHE notifications
– STIL Info moved between Info & Controls to make room for tabs in upcoming major update
– Switched default player to sidplay
– Sids now counted on Start
– GUI Improvement: Shuffle buttons no longer block each other
– Minor improvements to website


Télécharger SidTools v2.0.8.5 (13.3 Mo)

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