Une nouvelle version de Pj64 vient de sortir, dont voici les améliorations:

– expansion: cheat system now supports 100 codes per cheat and 500 cheats per game
– added: serial repeater, activator and GS-button support to cheat system
– change: remake of cheats dialogbox to enable better viewing & usage (WIP)
– fix: help in Win2000/WinXP
– fix: if no RDB, default fields strange
– fix: ROM open dialogbox « .eur » -> « .pal »
– fix: « X » button in ROM info dialogbox
– fix: ROM settings note box wraps text
– added: Game FAQ
– added: COP1.CEIL opcode (Custom Robo 1 & 2)
– added: COP1.TRUNC opcode (Beast Wars)
– added: COP1.FLOOR opcode (South Park Rally)
– added: LWU (Twisted Edge, Golden Nugget & Star Wars Rogue Squadron)
– change: more informative error messages
– expansion: F11 = Start Emulation
F12 = End Emulation
– change: placed cheats in system menu
– fix: no config dialog in audio plugin no longer crashes the emu
– change: split path in ROM info dialogbox

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