Double update chez Aaron :

3/18/2004: Email is working again, feel free to drop me a line. Since I get so much mail, I’m considering starting a mailbag area on the site, because otherwise I don’t really get around to responding to things in a timely manner (or at all). So if there are questions you’d like to see me answer, send them to me. If there’s enough of interest, I’ll try to put something together. You might also have noticed that I shuffled some links on the left side of the page. Nothing really new, just some cleanup (and finally admitting that I’m never going to add a home theater section to the site — only took me, what, four years to admit it?)

3/17/2004: Seems there is a currently a configuration bug preventing my feedback form from working. I’ve got an email into the site admins to see if they can’t straighten out the problem. In the meantime, I’ve been doing some internal cleanup of the discrete sound system, and have modified the way analog adjusters are handled so that they are saved in the .cfg file. Derrick also managed to figure out why Hit Me was whining, which is a relief because at 22kHz it sounded pretty annoying.

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