Charles viens de mêttre à jour le driver WIP Sega System16 pour Mame 0.80:

– Added correctly dumped ROM set for eswat to replace the old one. Game is encrypted and unplayable.
– Moved Ace Attacker to system16.c, it’s not a System 18 game.
– Added sound support for tturf, tturfu, tturfbl (no samples), fpointbl, fpointbj
– Fixed toryumon RAM test
– Cleaned up timscannr, toryumon drivers
– Added Where’s Wally? (wwally) Game is encrypted and unplayable.
– Fixed System 18 sample ROM banking. This doesn’t help the current working games, but will support others when/if they are decrypted.
– Fixed RF5C68A clock (7.15 MHz -> 8.00 MHz).
– Fixed Z80 clock (8.192 Mhz -> 8.00 MHz).
– Cleaned up shdancbl sound hardware a little.

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