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Inspired by the arrival of a second Super Rider PCB last night (thanks to the guy who donated it!), I tried to actually get one of my two boards to come up in my JAMMA harness. Now, I’m not much with a soldering iron, but I did manage to wire up the GND, +5V and +12V connections, as well as the video ground, sync, and red, green, blue connections. First attempt didn’t work, reporting a bad VRAM. Since VRAM was on the lower board, I swapped out that board with the lower board from the other set, flipped the switch, and got it up and running! With a working board set, I can now set about to write a trojan that will dump the missing 12k of ROM that is encased in an epoxy block from hell. In the meantime, I spent some time last night trying to figure out the color scheme, and made some good progress. The background and sprites have correct colors in this screenshot (yes, the colors are gaudy … it’s one of the appeals of the original game.)

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