Nouvelle version pour le meilleur frontend destiné a M1, le meilleur émulateur arcade sonore disponible. Voici les nouveautés de cette version:

– Fixed a bug that 1/100 second setting is not read-in correctly.
– Updated the timer process. No longer lose or gain of the timer.
– Replaced the Zip component with the latest one. (v2.5.1)
– Rewrote the drawing of the song name label and scrolling. Changing the caption no longer flickers.
– Fixed a bug that normalizaiton gets enabled when fixed volume is set and you change theme.
– Opening WMP or Flash movie with BridgeM1 no longer results choppy VU meter update in some PCs.
– Checks the sub-thread was surely terminated when quitting BridgeM1. You can close the applicaiton at once and safely.

Télécharger SSSPSX (CPU Type Interpreter) 0.0.11 (34,1 Ko)

Télécharger Good Work v1.23b (230,2 Ko)

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