Razoola vient de sortir une nouvelle version de son bios pour système d’arcade MVS de SNK (Playmore de nos jour), ce bios permet de tricher dans les jeux, de passer tous les jeux en mode console, écouter les musiques, passer les protections, utiliser le mode debug, enlever les bugs de certains jeux, etc…
Bien qu’il soit principalement destiné au système d’arcade MVS, il peut être également utilisé pour les émulateurs et maintenant pour les consoles neogeo (AES).

AES support (nuff said).

some AES notes…..

Region settings are saved to the memory card, however if no card is available on
power up the system will default to EURO / CONSOLE operation.
To do a hardware check hold buttons A+B+D during power up this will keep the system
looping through a hardware check until all buttons are released.
When in ARCADE mode devmode is enabled and cannot be disabled.
There is no attract mode sound for some games in MVS mode. This is beacuse they
read the demo sound soft dip from backupram (which the aes dosnt have)
instead of the adjescent RAM location (this problem exists on the DEBUG bios also).
Some early games (nam75 for example) will have currupted ‘how to play’ screens.
This is because the AES does not have the needed character font the MVS has.
When in USA mode some games will have a currupted ‘winners dont use drugs’ screen.
This is because the AES does not have the needed character font the MVS has.
The Test Mode menu is not availabe for use.


The NeoGeo/ProGear logo now displays only once at the beginning when in console mode
to match bios on AES.
New entry method to access the in game menu, START+A+B+C. Old access methods are
still usable.
Ability to abort the game cart crc check while its calculating.
Ability to exit from slot selection screen (multislot hardware only).
Enabled the AES controller test, access via holding player 2 A+B+C+D during power on or
splash screen.
68000 exception handling. Instead of games reseting they will stop and the current 68000
status will be displayed.
Simple memory/vram viewer that can be accesses from the hardware error screen.


Exiting the jukebox or crc check on multislot HW now restores the initially used font.
Added a shadow to bring out the NeoGeo logo in the splash screen and main menu.
Made the Red color used in the Splash Screen and main menu a little darker.
Improved the hardware check so you only see a couple of flashes on screen at power on
instead of lots of green garbage.
Improved the hardware error screens to make them look nicer but I’m sure you will never
want to see these.
Changed the test mode hardware test so that the test memory card section no longer looses
any data on the card. This problem affected the original BIOS also.
Changed some very bad English in the card manager including one point where the word ‘no’
should actually be ‘yes’ when it comes to confirming data delete. This problem affected
the original BIOS also.


Fixed an issue that caused some hardware error messages appear darker or distorted.
Fixed the ‘gameselect’ option being lost the first time the UNIVERSE BIOS is used on
multislot hardware.
Fixed button (A) not responding when trying to continue from failed HW check when using
a joypad.
Fixed credits from 2nd coin shoot not showing but still registering in VS-MODE when the
game dosent support it.
Fixed the select buttons not registering in the testmode input test when in console mode.
Fixed testmode input test so that the input crossing feature does not take effect while
testing buttons.
Fixed a problem in the memory card manager that stoped the letter ‘o’ visually showing when
selecting a card name. This problem affected the original BIOS also.
Fixed a clicking sound that sometimes happened during boot if the hardware check was disabled.
Fixed a soft dip issue that could cause confusion (because we force softdips to display in
English). Basically in some games the language softdip setting is different depending on
region. For example the kof games default language now reads ‘Japanese’ instead of ‘English’
when in Japanese mode. There could be issues like this in other games too, if you find any
please let me know.

Game Fixes

Fixed Sengoku 3 language not changing when swapping region in arcade mode.
Fixed many menu problems in the official kof2001 mvs cart when in console
mode (there are still problems though).
Fixed a Matrimelee font problem in menus on multislot hardware and in the
jukebox / crc check on slot1 hardware.
Fixed Pochi and Nyaa sound distortion in the jukebox if the game is not
allowed to run first.
Fixed missing font in crc check, jukebox, and ingame menu for KOF2003.

New and Updated Cheats

SNK vs Capcom
Samurai Shodown 5
Metal Slug 5
King of Fighters 2003
Pochi and Nyaa
Samurai Shodown 2

New original/hacked game CRC’s to database

SNK vs Capcom
SNK vs Capcom (bootleg cart)
Samurai Shodown 5
Metal Slug 5 (MVS and AES)
Pochi and Nyaa
King of Fighters 1997 Plus
King of Fighters 2001 (alternate set)
King of Fighters 2002 Plus
Metal slug 4 Plus
Metal slug 5 Plus
SNK Vs Capcom Plus
SNK Vs Capcom Super Plus
King of Fighters 2003 (MVS and AES)
King of Fighters 2003 (bootleg cart)
Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy (set 2)

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