Spectaculator est un émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum 16K/48K/128/+2/+2A/+3 pour PC.

What’s new in version 6.1

– Added the Favourites menu, which maintains a list of your favourite games and programs for easy access.
– Record audio output to a wave audio (.wav) file.
– Cassette recorder now displays program headers for Turbo (ID 11) blocks in TZX files.
– Added more undocumented instructions to the Z80 emulation core and debugger (various Russian demos).
– Significantly enhanced the Beta 128 disk emulation (Pentagon and Scorpion).
– Fixed the .SCL parser when handling large images.
– Stopped auto stop on the cassette recorder kicking in incorrectly when loading Thundercats 128.
– Fixed shortcut keys to increase/decrease the emulation speed when using Ctrl as symbol shift. (Now correctly says Alt++/Alt+- on the menu).
– Fixed problem of mouse staying hidden when pressing F5 (NMI).
– Disabled Ctrl releasing mouse when using Ctrl as symbol shift.
– Fixed incorrect parsing of uppercase characters in the debugger memory editor.
– Fixed spurious errors when saving .scr dumps.
– Removed file extension in Save As dialog so choosing a new file extension works as expected.
– Advanced setting to break into the debugger when the Z80 executes an unhandled opcode.
– Faster startup time than version 6.0.
– Fixed the slow response when double-clicking an icon in Windows Explorer when Spectaculator is already running.
– Fixed a bug (hopefully) where using the +/- keys to change the emulation speed could cause the display to stop updating.
– P.H.M. Pegasus (disk version) sometimes failed to load if autoboot disk images was enabled. Fixed.

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