Un émulateur Sam Coupe tournant sous Windows et développé en Open Source. Le site de développement se trouve ici.

Les changements:
– improved frequency of generated sound output (#36)
– improved bus values from unhandled ports (fixes KEDisk)
– improved aspect ratio (59:54) to match signal details
– changed visible areas to better reflect what can be seen on a TV
– renamed borders option to visiblearea
– added alternate debugger display mode to give full refresh (#46)
– restored -autoboot command-line option (#49)
– removed prompt to save changes to disks
– fixed border artefact colour if using upper 8 colours
– fixed incorrect zoom handling when fullscreen/minimised/maximised
– fixed missing allophone data file in non-Windows installations
– fixed %s shown in disk insert message [SDL]
– fixed current debugger trace entry colour
– changed to more accurate Z80 CPU core
– changed to pull SAASound from official project at GitHub


Télécharger SimCoupe v1.2.6 dev (2021/09/11) (2.6 Mo)

Site Officiel

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