DS4Windows (site original) est un programme portable qui vous permet d’obtenir la meilleure expérience lors de l’utilisation d’un DualShock 4 sur votre PC, en émulant un contrôleur Xbox 360, beaucoup de jeux deviennent alors accessibles.
– Removed old Input Curve options
– Corrected coordinate system for Stick to Mouse Wheel
– Fixed saving of Max Output Force options
– Expand output for Gyro Mouse Joystick Max Output routine. Make sure maximum output can be achieved. Likely would not achieve a completely straight line when using Gyro.
– Expanded macrodone array. Fixes some macro bindings for later virtual buttons
– Added ‘Hide DS4 Controller’ option back in again
– Increased button mouse wheel delta. Decreases wheel sensitivity
– Unified late profile options checks
– Increased resistance range for DualSense trigger Full Click
– Group and move Virtual Controller options in Other tab. Contribution by Kanuan
– Fixed MODIFIER_ENHANCED value for FakerInput mapping
– Fixed Alt, Windows, and other modifier keys mapping for FakerInput
– Fixed Stick to Mouse Wheel routine for SendInput output
– Fixed tray menu profile selection for names with underscores
– Added many tooltip strings in Profile Editor
– Fixed RenameProfileWindow closing early due to early DialogResult assignment. Property calls Close on the Window
– Removed BitChute social link
– Fixed display of CheckEveryUnit combobox in Settings tab. Not sure when VS changed that portion of the XAML
– Removed obsolete ‘Hide DS4 Controller’ option again. Can’t have options
– Added ScrollViewer to Other tab in Profile Editor. Enough controls in tab to justify it
– Added force option for LS and RS MaxOutput. Allow 100% forced circular max output for sticks
– Made Capture, SL, and SR buttons mappable
– Created Outer Button bindings for LS and RS. Allows extra distance action for the sticks like Walk or Sprint
– Display Touchpad X and Y in Controller Readings tab
– Increased HID report input buffer to 3 rather than 2. Not sure it will really matter
– Disabled broken DS4 feedback support again. Can’t have semi-nice things. Don’t bring it up again until at least the next ViGEmBus driver update
– Added change to not send Profile loaded message for secondary JoyCon in Joined mode



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