Gopher2600 est un émulateur d’Atari 2600. Bien que les performances ne soient pas aussi efficaces que certains autres émulateurs, il convient néanmoins pour jouer à des jeux sur un ordinateur raisonnablement moderne.


– General performance improvements
– Using the development platform as a reference, uncapped
performance is approximately 10% higher

– Fixed playfield smoothscrolling. VSYNC count not being reset
correctly. (Bug introduced during a refactor between v0.12 and v0.13)

– Better WAV/MP3 decoding.

– Updated to new core.bin of parent project

– Notification icons for cartridge event
– Cassette icon for Supercharge audio files
– Network icon for PlusROM network activity
– Savekey inserted notification icon

– Stereo mixing with stereo separation option
– More accurate volume mixing for mono signal

– All preference options are in a single window
– Categorised by tabs
– Hotkey for the preferences window in playmode is F10


Télécharger Gopher2600 v0.14.1 (10.6 Mo)

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