PlayNite est un gestionnaire open source de bibliothèque de jeux vidéo et un launcher avec prise en charge des bibliothèques tierces telles que Steam, GOG, Origin, et Uplay. Incluant le support d’émulation de jeu et fournissant une interface unifiée pour vos jeux.
– Completely reworked emulation support (already imported games/emulators are not affected/broken by this update and will work as before)
– New add-on browser (all existing extension/theme management and settings have been moved there as well from the old settings menu)
– Audio feedback and background sound support in Fullscreen mode
– Improved mouse and keyboard navigation in Fullscreen mode
– Plaform, AgeRating, Region and Series fields can hold multiple values
– Completion status is now fully customizable
– Many improvements and new features in SDK
– Improvements to startup speed (library load times)
– Option to switch to Fullscreen from tray menu
– Option to install add-ons via Playnite URI
– Configurable buttons on top panel
– Option to cancel library update in Fullscreen mode
– URI command to open on specific game details
– Support for game variables in game manual field
– Show images dimensions in metadata comparison window
– Scroll behaviour and layout options for Grid view
– Playnite API and game object accessible in game scripts
– Option to swap X/A button on main FS screen
– Option to specify monospaced font (used by some text fields like scripts)
– Option to save filter presets
– Option to reset application settings to default
– Option to not minimize Fullscreen app after starting a game
– Option to keep main menu on top panel if sidebar is visible
– Option to change play time tracking mode
– Option to change font sizes in Fullscreen mode
– Option to hide some items from Fullscreen main menu
– Option to hide mouse cursor in Fullscreen mode
– Option to show software tools on Sidebar
– Option to force Fullscreen mode to always use primary display
– Option to enable async image loading in Fullscreen mode
– Option to disable XInput support in Fullscreen mode
– Option to assign partial release dates
– Image rendering quality/performance scaling options
– Game groups on Grid view
– Button to test game scripts
– Allow multiple Play actions
– Import exclusions are stored in the game library files
– Support to search for specific resolutions during google image searches and added resolution presets.
– Show address bar on WebView windows
– Game scripts now share one runtime instance allowing them to share data between various events

– Crash when adding new field from game edit window
– Crash when removing filter presets while Explorer panel is open
– Database migration fails on specific ROM paths
– Fixed xbox emulator profiles
– PowerShell runtime initialization error on Windows 7 is showed on every game startup
– Playnite’s library data are now stored in less files and they are locked while Playnite is running. This should fix data corruption issues when syncing Playnite’s files via could storage solutions.
– Mouse scrolling doesn’t work properly in FS mode
– Sorting name is ignored when grouping by name
– Prevent updating game library entries during library update when no data has changed
– Game menu not visible fully under some circumstances
– Don’t prevent wake events when suspending/hibernating Windows from Playnite
– « Recently played » tab in Fullscreen Mode doesn’t update after launching game
– Race condition during addon installation



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