Il s’agit d’un gestionnaire de Rom entièrement écrit en Java et publié sous licence GPL v3.

Les changements:
– Java 11 is now a minimal source/target requirement
– Dropped obsolete/unmaintained NanoHTTPd, and using now only Jetty (as a result websocket was removed)
– Modularized code and dependencies to bundle inside a designated java runtime that target some specific platforms (currently JRE11 Windows/Linux/Mac for x86_64)
– Rebranded MSI installer for windows (using jpackage from Java 14+)
– Fix : No more locks in standalone gui (specifically encountered with Linux)
– Entirely reworked progress bar
– Web UI should be more responsive while scanning/fixing
– New process handling with adaptive mode
– More informative about what’s invalid in a datfile when it can’t be loaded
– updated service wrapper to 3.5.45 (include aarch64)
– First fully automated release using GitHub’s actions
– Code quality monitoring using sonarqube
– Added backup path setting per profile and globally
– Fixed and prettied batch dir updater results dialog
– Implemented source filters
– Various bug fixes


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