Des nouveaux screenshots sont disponible depuis le 01/4 concernant F-15 Strike Eagle & B.O.T.S.S :

With a few minor adjustments, the remaining 2D graphics have appeared. The first shot could have made a cunning April Fools joke if I’d bothered to superimpose some fake 3D onto it 🙂

*Update aussi aujourd’hui : I’ve hastily transferred Steve Ellenoff’s i8051 PinMAME core over to MAME. As a result, F-15SE and B.O.T.S.S start up with some DAC humming and what sounds like FM machine-gun fire and bell chimes. Given that the 68000 and 8031 aren’t communicating properly, that’s the extent of the current sound emulation.

As an interesting aside, the TMS34010, 68000 and Am29000 each have their own UART device for serial communication with a computer connected to one of the three ‘monitor’ ports. Diagnostic/status text sent via the ports prints out quite nicely to the command prompt. There’s code in the ROMs for some comprehensive system tests initiated presumably via the computer. They should prove rather useful once I bother to get them running.

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