PlayNite est un gestionnaire open source de bibliothèque de jeux vidéo et un launcher avec prise en charge des bibliothèques tierces telles que Steam, GOG, Origin, et Uplay. Incluant le support d’émulation de jeu et fournissant une interface unifiée pour vos jeux.
9.8: hotfix update is available
– This is just a small update that fixes Playnite incorrectly showing safe mode warning if « Start in Fullscreen mode » option is enabled.
9.9: hotfix update is available
– This is a small update that fixes various startup issues introduced in 9.7 and 9.8 updates.
– Reverted per monitor DPI support until issue with windows not being displayed properly is investigated
– Show compatibility warning about Nahimic service
– Filtering options when changing game fields (by Lacro59)
– Option to override emulator arguments for built-in profiles
– webp files are now selectable via file image selection dialogs
– SwanStation profile for RetroArch (by DarthMew)
– Built-in Xemu emulator profile

– {PlayniteDir} variable can’t be used in emulator installation folder field
– Metadata download fails if there are game fields with no name in the library
– Option to disable emulation library update on startup doesn’t work
– Updated web view component
– Manually imported .lnk files have wrong startup configuration
– Modified game date is not updated when new metadata are downloaded via bulk download
– Wake on LAN doesn’t work if computer is shut down from Playnite
– Add-on installation/update failures are not reported properly
– Missing PCSX2 and DuckStation RetroArch profiles
– Auto-close client executing even if another game from the same library is running (by darklinkpower)
– Input processing issues when a game is started from Fullscreen mode
– Playnite is not properly DPI aware on configurations with multiple displays using different – DPI settings
– Various fixes related to metadata downloads
– Several crash fixes and small improvements



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