Sizer (aka The Player of Doom) avait releasé un nouvel émulateur Chip8 tournant sous Windows le 21/03/2004. (cf. cette news).

Depuis il a quelques progrès sur son projet et il lui a trouvé un nom : « Chuit« . Pour info il faut savoir que les 3/4 des émulateurs Chip8 s’appel Chip 8 Emulator 😉

Voici les nouveautés :

– Added a « gui. »
– Exported all Direct3D related code to the DirectX library.
– Made the emulator more « game like. » All messages after the 3D gfx has been initialized are displayed on the screen instead of messageboxes.

Emulation (Chip8):
– Fixed two opcodes. Usually I guess when these didn’t work, some data didn’t appear on screen. It was noticeable on alien (schip8).

Emulation (Super Chip8):
– Super chip8 games now work!
– Added 6 new schip8 opcodes.
– Fixed the render function to compensate for the extended sprite drawing opcode.
– Added a schip8 font set (which by any means is far from perfect. But I can’t be bothered to fix them.)
– Fixed the opcode to point at the schip8 font.
– Fixed the chip8 draw opcode. Schip8 gfx is no longer mirrored.

Télécharger Plus4Emu (x86) v1.2.10.1 (2,9 Mo)

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