Rice a releasé une nouvelle version de son plugin vidéo N64 :

Version 5.5.1 WIP is released to response the requests about Ogre Battle background problem fix. In order to get it work, you need to use a correct emulator + RSP plugin. Please refer to glide64 FAQ for further question about this. Again, thanks Gonetz for the JPEG and YUV information.

changes in version 5.5.1
– free of locking itself after incorrect stop of the previous game
– hq4x filter, WIP only, to use as it.
– Bug fixes for hq2x/lq2x filter. They won’t freeze your DirectX driver anymore
– Ogre Battle background, thanks Gonetz to point out the 1964 JPEG decompression problem, and release the source code of the new glide64.
In order to get Ogre Battle background working correctly, you need to use emulators which support JPEG decompression. PJ64 does it. 1964 0.99 has problems to support JPEG for this game. 1964 0.85 + PJ64 RSP can do it.
– TxtGen bug fix (for Zelda shield, and others)

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