Cet émulateur est également le plus complet des outils de développements X68000 existant aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’un fork de l’émulateur XM6 v2.05 de PI avec une pléthore de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Les changements sont pour la plupart liés à l’interface utilisateur et un accent a été mis sur le développement et les fonctions de débogage plutôt que sur l’exactitude de l’émulation, cependant il y a suffisamment d’améliorations pour qu’il soit recommandé d’utiliser cette version plutôt que XM6 v2.06 finale.

Les changements:
– The 7-Zip library (7z.dll) is now supported. Said DLL is now included with the
latest version of the DLL Package, which should be automatically re-downloaded
and extracted during the normal update process. In addition to enabling support
for .7z archives (and a few other types), the 7z interface also supplants the
old zlib interface for .zip files (although it will still be used as a fallback
in case 7z.dll is unavailable.) The new interface includes better technology,
such as archive caching.
– The floppy drive LED panes now turn yellow while a disk is being written to.
– If Control is depressed while selecting a MIDI reset command in the options,
the selected reset command will be issued to the device. (It will not account
for unapplied changes to the output device, however.) Double-clicking also has
the same effect.
– Clicking the text on either side of MIDI Input/Output Delay in the options
will now toggle the value between its default and minimum.

Bug fixes:
– DirectDraw was sometimes being initialized unnecessarily.
– MIDI output data was getting lost under certain circumstances.
– A certain (valid) MIDI command was being issued, probably unnecessarily,
that was causing the MIDI interface for the on-board synthesizer engine
of sound cards from a particular manufacturer to stop outputting sound
until the device was reopened. (The X68000 itself is not prohibited from
sending such messages, although it probably doesn’t happen in practice.)
– Game name detection (as used with the notes files) had some weaknesses.


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