Nouvelle version stable de cet émulateur de Nintendo DS/DSi créé à l’origine par YopYop et poursuivi par la Team DeSmuME:
L’équipe regroupe: Guillaume Duhamel, Normmatt, Bernat Muñoz (shash), thoduv, Tim Seidel (Mighty Max), Pascal, Giard (evilynux), Ben Jaques (masscat), Jeff Bland, Riccardo Magliocchetti, Max Tabachenko (CrazyMax), zeromus, Luigi__, adelikat, matusz, pa__.
Aidé par Allustar, amponzi, Anthony Molinaro, ape, Damien Nozay (damdoum), delfare, Romain, Vallet, snkmad, Theo Berkau.
Il s’agit de la suite la plus directe du projet original.
Le résumé des changements principaux sont:
In this version we have added support for high-resolution 3D rendering. Try the new « GPU Scaling Factor » feature to increase the 3D resolution beyond the native resolution of 256×192 pixels. Also, the Cocoa frontend sees continued radical enhancements and while the Windows frontend sees some new incremental enhancements.
Et pour informations:
We decided to jump to v0.9.13 to help differentiate the stable release from the past 7 years of v0.9.12 interim builds. In other words, v0.9.12 could be, well, anything, since there are a huge amount of possible builds under that version number. But v0.9.13 has a known codebase, and so differentiating the version number helps us with troubleshooting and helps users know what the latest and greatest version actually is.


Versions obsolètes:

Télécharger DeSmuME (No SSE2) v0.9.11 (1.1 Mo)

Télécharger DeSmuME (x86) v0.9.11 (1.1 Mo)

Version de développement:

Télécharger DeSmuME (Dev) v0.9.13.1115 (2.6 Mo)

Version stable:

Télécharger DeSmuME (x64) v0.9.13 (5.8 Mo)

Télécharger DeSmuME (Français) v0.9.13 (25/05/2022) (2.1 Mo)

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