Raine est un émulateur Arcade/NeoGeoCD ainsi qu’une excellente alternative à MAME.

En résumé:
Lot of bugs, as usual.
– Forgot a variable was linked to menu_disp and not to menu directly, which is normal since this code is almost never changed, I should just have waited longer to check things, blame the covid for that ! So it makes a new binary for a 1 line change only !
– The 64 bits version doesn’t have the same indexes for this dialog, so I check directly the labels now to work around that… !
– And finally fixed the inputs dialog problem when using the mouse (index error).

New binary uploaded : 0.93.5a, still shows 0.93.5 in the about dialog, it just fixes the disappeared « joysticks indexes » in the controls dialog.
Nothing fancy here, just some fixes and little improvements here and there. Actually 0.93.4 was using libmpg123 for mp3 decoding, and this version reverts to the decoder included in sdl2_sound, which makes quite a mess in the dlls. So the dlls are updated for this version, be sure to update from the right dlls package (32 or 64 bits).
PS: J’ai laissé les anciennes dll dans la version 32 bits (en plus des nouvelles) car elles fonctionnent partout là ou les nouvelles posent soucis selon les systèmes d’exploitations (mais chute faut pas le dire surtout).


Télécharger Raine (Dos) v0.91.9 (2.9 Mo)

Télécharger Raine (32 bits) v0.93.5d (11.7 Mo)

Télécharger Raine (64 bits) v0.93.5d (7.9 Mo)

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