Voila comme on l’avait annoncé, Haze a bien releasé un diff update, en fait un « 2 en 1 », qui comprend u8 & u9. Reste à savoir si on aura droit à u10 🙂

Voici les nouveautés de ces updates:

General Source Changes

Cleanups of i960 core so the disassembler compiles [Olivier Galibert]
Corrected some vsnes filenames [Chack’n]
SCSP Update [ElSemi]
– Fixed envelope rates to be correct
– Added key rate scaling support
– Added ringbuffer support
Added colour proms to Moon Base [Stefan Jokisch]
Changed file handling behavior, adding a one character buffer [Andrea Mazzoleni]

New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Strider 2 [smf]
but suffers from random lockups on bosses

New Non-Working games / clones supported

Monster Bash (2 board version) [Mash]
doesn’t work, incomplete decryption?
One + Two [David Haywood]
wip driver, still being worked on

0.81u8 (private release due to some code cleanups being needed)

General Source Changes

386 updates [Nathan Woods]
– Implemented usage of segment limits (or whatever they are called)
– Implemented 16-bit interrupts
– Initial values of IDTR are now properly specified
– i386_interrupt() is no longer called when i386_set_irq_line() is
called with a state of zero
– Actual cycle count is now returned

– Partially implemented far CALL and JMP instruction

– Implemented PUSH rm8 instruction

i960 cpu core / disassembler [Olivier Galibert, R.Belmont, Farfetch’d]
SPI Improvements [Ville Linde]
– The « old » video hardware (viperp1) does have 3
layers after all, but no rowscroll. Fixed.

– Bugfixed Nathan’s REP
Fixed YMF271 pitch [Ville Linde]
improves music in Brave Blade
Fixed small fileio problem [Nathan Woods]
386 updates [Nathan Woods]
– Added a distinction between maskable and non maskable interrupts
(like int 3, illegal instruction etc)
– Added a distinction between invalid and unimplemented instructions.
Invalid instructions raise an interrupt, and unimplemented instructions
call osd_die() for now
– i386_set_irq_line() will no longer raise an interrupt when passed
with state=0
– Various string intructions now use SI/DI instead of ESI/EDI when in
16-bit mode
– Implemented LOCK and RETF
– Fixed a bug in LMSW
– Minor disassembler fixes
Improved PSX sio [smf]
Various DIP fixes [Brian Troha]
Gold Medalist (alpha68k.c)
Break Through (brkthru.c)
Got-Ya (gotya.c)
American Horseshoes & Plotting (taito_l.c)

Phil’s ‘if I get hit by a bus’ Namco S22 MLE update [Phil Stroffolino]
bugfix for lst and lst1 opcodes; the « ignore ARP » hack has been replaced with a better hack, that doesn’t interfere with indirect addressing.

Preliminary serial I/O support has been added, to update DRR/DXR on RINT and XINT interrupts. set_irq_line() no longer masks the lines with 0x7; this allows external triggering of RINT/XINT interrupts.

System22 driver changes:

– display list processing is now done by the master DSP
– the slave DSP’s in-game graphics processing and « custom render devices » are currently simulated, which works only for Prop Cycle
– support for PDP block-based memory transfers
– support for DSP data/code uploads from main CPU
– support for « Point RAM » and « Point ROM » access
– most self tests are working in Prop Cycle and Ridge Racer (Japan)
– prelim hand-crafted « internal ROMs » for master and slave DSP
– various notes regarding DSP ports/addressing

New Games supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:

Atari Mini Golf (prototype) [Stefan Jokisch]
Inca (clone of Maya) [ClawGrip]

New Non-Working games / clones supported

MACS (Multi Amenity Cassette System) [David Haywood]
unknown cpu, seems to be z80 based (16-bit?) with extra opcodes
Namco FL (Speed Racer / Final Lap R) [R.Belmont]
preliminary emulation (doesn’t get very far) to test i960 core

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