Cet émulateur est également le plus complet des outils de développements X68000 existant aujourd’hui. Il s’agit d’un fork de l’émulateur XM6 v2.05 de PI avec une pléthore de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Les changements sont pour la plupart liés à l’interface utilisateur et un accent a été mis sur le développement et les fonctions de débogage plutôt que sur l’exactitude de l’émulation, cependant il y a suffisamment d’améliorations pour qu’il soit recommandé d’utiliser cette version plutôt que XM6 v2.06 finale.

Les changements:
– Compressed state files can now be loaded. (You must compress them yourself.)

Tip: When you’ve finished playing a particular game, compress all the state
files from said game into a single .7z archive using 7-Zip. The resulting file
will most likely be very small. Whenever you wish to replay the game, load the
archive. You can then cycle through the states with (Shift-)Ctrl-Backspace.

– State saving has been optimized by first saving state into a RAM buffer before
writing it to disk. This was done to minimize the interruption to the VM.
The buffering will only be done if the system is not under memory pressure.

– Similarly, state loading also delays halting the VM until the state file has
been cached (memory permitting) although the benefits are largely illusory.
This was done to keep the experience consistent with in-archive state files.

– Context-sensitive help for menus was expanded to support the top level
of pop-up menus (i.e. any menu item that opens a submenu). Not all menus
have help strings yet, however.

– A slight fade effect is now applied to green floppy pane LEDs, for realism.

– A workaround for a bug in the IPL ROM was added. Now, 12 MB of RAM should
no longer cause the X68000 to crash under certain circumstances while booting.
This fix is inapplicable to previously existing state files with 12 MB of RAM.

– A workaround for SCSI ROM dumps that lack magneto-optical drive (MO) support
(which is most of them) was added. It should not impact software SCSI drivers.

– It is now possible to change the current directory using the Control key
in conjunction with drag-and-drop and CLI interfaces. Refer to the manual.

Bug fixes:

– The floppy pane LEDs, when blinking, were susceptible to beating if the VM was
being fast-forwarded. The mitigation has not yet been added to the MBCS edition.
The drive number is also retained on dark blinking cycles in windowed mode now,
which was not necessarily a bug. (Full-screen mode was not changed.)

– The no-reset CLI argument is now ignored on startup because it can interfere
with updating SRAM switches for HDD images passed on the command line.

– When selecting a directory through a dialog, the directory modification date
was being updated due to the OS creating a test file, apparently.

– The radix for imported cheats was often being misinterpreted.

– The disassembler had a few defects.


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