Hatari est un émulateur Atari ST, STE, TT et Falcon tournant sous Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X et bien d’autres systèmes supportant la bibliothèque SDL.
Main changes since Hatari 2.4.0 :
– Fix some possible sound issues in STE/TT mode when converting CPU clock to YM2149 clock
– Fix regression in TT mode where video counter was not updated anymore on each HBL
– Fix VDI width alignment on 16 pixels
– Avoid some overhead when DSP is enabled in config but machine is not Falcon
– More consistent handling for outputs of logging and traces messages
– Fix some memory leaks
– Fix duplicate symbol name removal in debugger
– Improved macOS version with better support for different models (thanks to Troed)
Fixed programs:
– BLSPLAY.TTP module player for STE (fix sound glitches)
– HexTracker in TT mode (update video counter on each HBL)
Emulation improvements:
– Sound: Much more precise function to convert CPU clocks to YM2149 clocks in the case where YM2149 doesn’t use the same source clock as the CPU (fixes e.g. some STE sound glitches in BLSPLAY.TTP)
– Video: Fix regression in TT mode: Update video counter again on each HBL (fixes e.g. Hextracker when run in TT mode)
Emulator improvements:
– DSP: Avoid small extra overhead on non-Falcon machines when DSP config option is set
– Misc:
*Fix memory leaks on PNG save and GEMDOS HD program load
*All Hatari output (outside of debugger) uses now appropriate logging and trace functions so that they can be controlled
– VDI mode:
*Fix: VDI width needs to be aligned to (at least) 16-pixels
*Fix: a possible crash with (default) SMALL_MEM build config(when ST program sets a bad video base address)
– Statusbar: Show « Linux » when running Linux directly with –lilo
– Debugger:
*Fix: to duplicate symbol name removal
*Fix: all IDE trace output did not go to trace file
*Like with rest of debugger, profiler responses go now to stderr (not stdout)
– Document Hatari outputs and their controls in debugger manual
– Misc



Télécharger Hatari (x86) v2.4.1 (5.5 Mo)

Télécharger Hatari (x64) v2.4.1 (5.4 Mo)

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