Une grosse MAJ de cette version.

– SPC7110 and SDD-1 timing update, we now do this properly [pagefault]
– Updated authors.txt, support.txt, thanks.txt, and todo.txt [pagefault]
– Add StatMat to the authors list [pagefault]
– Rename linux version to SDL and win to win32 [pagefault]
– New disable screensaver code [pagefault]
– Yay more timing updates. More things work. [pagefault]
– effects obj files now deleted with « make clean » [ipher]
– Fix snapshot filenames [StatMat]
– Fix rewind when using commandline filename [StatMat]
– Add use of DirectSound primary buffer in win port [StatMat]
– Netplay fixed [pagefault]
– DSP 2 support [pagefault]
– Fix some weird emulation bugs [pagefault]
– Savestate incrementor fix, this caused some crashes in linux [pagefault]
– Updated icon [cdbsi]

Note: While SPC7110 and SDD-1 stuff was updated, it is still not working yet. Also, the Source Code now works in Linux.

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